Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Necessity of Low Vision Aids

Low Vision Aids - sometimes a necessity, often a convenience. Either way, I recommend that you try some of the wide range of products available.

I simply cannot imagine our lives without talking watches! A talking watch in this house is a necessity, for sure.

If you click on this highlighted link, you can quickly see 5 or 6 of the most popular aids for the blind.

I write often on a site called Squidoo -- it's easy for me to share products and information for the blind on Squidoo - I write lenses about my husband and his adjustment to this frightening diagnosis.

When you visit any of my lenses - Squidoo's word for small web pages, you will find what I hope is helpful information. I write from personal experience, and I hope you will visit often. I have a series of "lenses" on this subject.

We purchase low vision products from Independent Living Aids. We have found them to be helpful and their product range is complete. They even have products for the hearing impaired. Their customer service is excellent, too!

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